About Us

Sharing the joy and anticipation of a new baby with friends and family is truly a gift in itself.

9 to Nest is a creative monthly gift subscription that allows you, as the gift giver, to take part in this special occasion. It is a hassle- free way of sharing in the excitement of a new arrival with expectant parents. Each baby gift will arrive in a beautifully packed gift box with an entertaining poem that counts down each month until that much anticipated delivery. The number of gifts in the box corresponds to that of the particular month. For example, if the mother-to-be is 4 months away from delivery, the box will contain 4 items. Needless to say, the more months the gifts are sent, the more fun and excitement it will bring to parents when they receive their numbered box.

Founder/Owner- Jan Benbrook

I am a small town gal from a Midwest farming community who was raised to value and embrace family and friends. Celebrating a new child and sharing those happy moments with those who are near and dear are memories of a lifetime. 9 to Nest is my baby and I am looking forward to sharing it with you for your special delivery.

The Idea was born!

One of the happiest days of my life was when I learned that I was going to become a grandmother (Nay Nay) for the first time. However, the realization hit that I (not to mention my daughter-in-law) would have to wait MONTHS for this special little bundle to arrive. I had to do something that would help me (us) make this time pass quickly. I began mailing a package with baby gifts each month. The gifts were numbered with a cute little poem that I wrote. The poem corresponded to the amount of months I (we) had left until the baby arrived. The number of gifts in the box was the same as the countdown number. My daughter-in-law loved the gifts and it was so much fun to send them. She looked forward to them each month and it truly was something memorable to help the time pass. Jackson was my first grandson and he now has a brother, Brett. When my daughter-in-law became pregnant the second time, she asked me if I would “Please send the gifts again”. And then-----9 to Nest was born.

MY Story

My love for children has taken me down many paths. One of those chosen directions was being an elementary teacher. I then became a stay-at-home mom after my husband and I were blessed with two beautiful children. During those years of raising children, I served our community through various roles; the most rewarding being that of serving our public school board as a dedicated member and president. The life of an empty nester was approaching quickly when I decided to live my dream. I opened up my own preschool and absolutely loved it. It was actually a dream-come-true! I started my day greeting 18 smiling faces and said good-bye to 18 different faces in the afternoon. Present day, I am a wife, mother, grandmother(NayNay) and the proud founder of 9 to Nest..

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